Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Adam Wipp

Founder and Chief Strategist
Adam has two passions
1) Technology
2) Helping people be successful with technology

Adam developed a keen interest in computers at a young age. He enjoyed taking them apart and putting them back together. Now, he takes that talent and turns it toward making technology work for people.

“What I like about computers is that they can make our lives easier. They are capable of doing complex tasks that we can’t. Whether it’s a glorified calculator, spreadsheet template, word processor, they make us more efficient. I value being able to do more with technology. “

As far as helping his clients, this translates into using a very detailed system of processes. Standardization among all client services is of utmost priority. I’s dotted and t’s crossed; a seamless service experience for his clients always take precedence.
Adam Wipp Profile
“What I like about computers is that they can make our lives easier.  I value being able to do more with technology.“
Adam is a stickler for doing things the right way and with elegant expertise. Whether it’s the perfect (efficient and money saving) networking solution for your company, to the way the wires in your server room are colour coded and organized. He has a love for clean, functional design and things that work at their peak performance.

When he’s able to pull himself away from his stand-up desk, Adam enjoys a great variety of outdoor and athletic activities. These range from Kickboxing to Snowboarding and Rock Climbing. Luckily enough he’s not alone, his family loves coming along for all the fun. His wife and three kids have no problem keeping up. In another life, Adam might have been a helicopter pilot. To fulfill his dream of flying, he is an avid drone enthusiast.
Adam Wipp Flying Drone

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Why Helm?

Helm is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) as well as an IT consulting, cloud and networking solutions company. Essentially, a complete outsourced IT department for your business.

Helm has a strategic and proactive approach to eliminating headaches, reducing waste and improving the efficiency of how your business navigates technology.
Helm MSP Inc.
7-871 Victoria St. North
Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 3S4

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