Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Avoid Disaster

with comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disasters can be anything from fires and floods, to regional power outages, hardware failures and cyber-attacks. Any of which can leave your organization paralyzed.  Many companies can't afford to be non-operational for minutes let alone days. Every minute applications and systems are down, translates to lost revenue for you.
"Every minute applications and systems are down, translates to lost revenue for you."

Weathering the Storm

Our aim is to get complex systems back online as quickly as possible to maintain business continuity. In the event of a "disaster" scenario, our processes will help you reduce the risks and keep your business safe and humming along.

We'll create a Disaster Recovery Plan, tailored to your business. It will include:

A contingency planning statement
A business impact analysis (BIA)
Preventative controls
Recovery strategies
An IT contingency plan
Planned testing, training and exercises
Scheduled maintenance
Avoid Disaster

will complete a risk assessment on your company to identify potential threats to your IT infrastructure. Then, we will work with you to determine which infrastructure elements are most important to the performance of your company’s business -and to your bottom line.

All of this is dependent upon the Backup infrastructure that we will have prescribed and implemented. Because if you don’t have Backups, you simply can’t recover.

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Murphy's Law -
Be as prepared as possible.

Your Complete Disaster Recovery Checklist

Stay one step ahead of potential disasters with this free checklist for your business

Why Helm?

Helm is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) as well as an IT consulting, cloud and networking solutions company. Essentially, a complete outsourced IT department for your business.

Helm has a strategic and proactive approach to eliminating headaches, reducing waste and improving the efficiency of how your business navigates technology.
Helm MSP Inc.
7-871 Victoria St. North
Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 3S4

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